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Please download and complete. You may mail to:

Central Lodge Number 1

2201 Central Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46205

If needed, you can download the Adobe Reader here:


Freemasonry is the world's oldest fraternity. Founded in brotherly love, relief, and truth, the fraternity was founded to provide a place for men to meet and develop into stronger men. A stronger man is a more valuable asset to the greater community.
The following are basic rules for entry into Masonry:

1. Being a man, freeborn, of good repute and well-recommended;
2. A belief in a Supreme Being;
3. Ability to support one's self and family;
4. Of lawful age; and
5. Come to Freemasonry of their "own free will and accord".

Express your desire to become a Freemason by Contacting Us. A Central Lodge No. 1 member will then contact you typically within 24 to 48 hours. Furthermore, you may download our Membership Petition, which you will need to complete, sign, and return to us along with your application fee. Contact Us for further details.

A committee of Central Lodge No. 1 members will then contact you to arrange an in-person meeting. If the meeting will be of mutual satisfaction, your request will be balloted for membership to our Lodge in our next stated meeting.


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